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One of the methods that can be used with the help of some software and the right parameters for many engineers is the idea of scale up methodology. This is a methodology that was developed as well as verified in order to utilize bench-scale biofilter results, simulating a field-scale, flow-through biofilter performance. This is a lot of words, but helps us to see what kind of reaction would happen if we are able to scale up some of the science work that we are doing.

Scale Up Methodology
Scale Up Methodology

The way that this methodology will work is by building on a recirculating batch reactor along with other single-pass methods at the EBCTs, which should be equivalent to the field scale. The nice thing about using this method, if you work with the right software, is that it will allow us to have all the control over each variable that we want, even when there are variables present that are often hard to control at the regular level.

There are a lot of variables that show up when we start doing chemical equations and even chemical simulation in many cases. Learning how to make this work and being able to gain the right control over all the variables, no matter how difficult they are to work with, can be the challenge. The scale up methodology can help to simplify everything. You can choose what all of the variables will do at a time, giving you accurate options and data as you go.

The best way to work with the scale up methodology is put all of your data and variables into a software. You can also spend some time working with the variables and deciding what seems to work and what does not work all that well. When you finish with that, it is time to see how well the scale up would work with the chemical reaction you prefer.