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If you need tooth replacement, there are a few things you need to know before the procedure. Some of the things you should familiarize yourself with include the cost, types of dental implants, pros, cons, and where you can get a dental implant. Typically, dental implants are divided into three categories depending on the number of teeth to be replaced. Here are the three types of dental implants:

  1. Single-tooth implant
    If you are missing a tooth, the implant will be used to support one crown. Although it will replace the root, the bone will be stimulated. A single-tooth implant is mainly recommended for front tooth replacement. This type of tooth replacement is the best alternative to a bridge because it does not damage adjacent natural teeth. The implant stands on its own, offering you full functionality and great aesthetics.
  2. Multiple dental implants
    When missing several neighboring teeth, an implant-supported bridge is the best option. With this type of teeth replacement, the adjacent teeth will not have to be shaved down to mount the restoration. Whether you will require one or multiple implants, your dentist will provide professional advice.
  3. Full mouth dental implants
    If a patient has lost his teeth, a full mouth dental implant is recommended to restore the smile. Although the implants can be permanent or removable, both are effective. The cost may vary depending on the type of implant you want.

The time needed to replace your teeth varies depending on factors such as: (you can read more here – )
• Whether you need extractions
• Which teeth you are replacing
• The number of teeth to be replaced
• General dental & gum health
• Whether your jawbone needs grafting

If your oral health is up to the par, and you do not need additional procedures, the entire process can take around 9-months. Finally, although there are solutions that can give you 1-day implants, not everyone is a candidate for such solutions.