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Shooting in schools or in places where many people are gathered is now a common scene in some cities. To make sure that you and your loved ones are protected in such instances, you must stay protected at all times. Bulletproof backpacks are the perfect accessories to make sure you are protected, especially from handgun bullets. To get the best bulletproof backpacks, you should do the following when you visit your local store:
o Check the certifications
Since bulletproofing is a highly sensitive matter, any company selling bulletproof backpacks should be certified by the justice department of your country’s government. It would help if you checked these certifications to ensure that you are not carrying a substandard backpack thinking that it is bulletproof.

o Avoid used backpacks
This is not the line of products you will buy second hand just because you are on a tight budget. Since you may not know what the backpack you are buying has gone through, it would help if you bought new pieces. Even with new bulletproof backpacks, you should check for wear and tear as this would only mean that their function may be compromised.

o Check the price
A good bulletproof backpack should have a price range of $150-$500. Unless there are unique features with the backpack you are buying, you should avoid those with extremely high prices. Also, a bulletproof backpack with a price way below the minimum average mark would only mean that it is substandard and will not effectively protect you.

o Know the Ballistic protection level
This is the measure of the ability of a backpack to stop superior riffles. The primary ballistic levels are 1, 2A, 2, 3A, 3 in increasing stopping order. A backpack with a ballistic power level 3 would cost you more but protect you more effectively than a level 2 backpack.

The bottom line
Safety is one of the vital components of healthy living. Knowing that you are always protected even when crises occur, will give you and your loved ones peace of mind. Head out to your local store, pick the best bulletproof backpack that suits you considering all these factors and enjoy safe movement anywhere.

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