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Quick Facts about Backpack Armor


What is Backpack Armor and why do you need it? – Sadly, we live in a time where crazy people are everywhere and tragedies are seen on the news every day. In order to fight against it, and especially protect your children, there are now bulletproof armor plates that easily fit into a backpack in a discreet and lightweight package. If you carry around a backpack and want the ultimate protection for you and your family, bulletproof backpack armor may be for you.Stopping Power – Depending on the brand, backpack armor usually ranges in thickness from 0.16-0.6 inches, which results in many different products resulting in many different stopping powers. Getting the largest armor plate is recommended, and many plates can even stop .44 magnum rounds. Backpack Armor Sizes – A very common size for backpack armor is about 11 by 14 inches. This results in a weight of about 1-1.5 pounds but some larger plates and higher armor levels can be found at around 10 pounds. Levels of Armor – The most common level of backpack armor is IIIA armor that costs around 100-200 dollars and protects against most handgun ammunition. If more stopping power is what you’re looking for, levels III and IV plates protect against handguns and rifle ammunition. However, there is a downside to this higher level armor, and that is weight. Plates at this level are usually made of ceramic or steel and weigh between 5-10 pounds. Is It legal to own this? – Backpack Armor is actually very legal to carry in all states and is even allowed when carrying on flights. The technology associated with these plates is getting more advanced every day and already defends against most attackers. The time to invest in a product like this is now, and I promise, if anything bad were to happen, this backpack armor may just save your day.