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Women’s concern for personal security is growing by the day. Years back, women can easily get robbed on the street, and nothing happens about it. Today, it’s a different story as most women want to feel confident and safe on their way back home.

To remove the fear of being followed or watched, women began to go out with guns in their handbags. Ideally, carrying a firearm in a bag won’t be convenient and also not practical. Therefore, the need for women to carry guns in a smarter way using a well-hidden or pancake holster.

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In this wake, gun manufacturers have come up with innovative holsters that can turn a woman into a gun goddess. Here’s a list of 5 excellent holsters for women.

  • Handgun Belly Band – Gun Holster Concealed

Handgun Belly holster is one of the best concealment holsters and is made of highly elastic, breathable fabrics. It can hold small, subcompact, and even full-size revolvers and pistols. You can wear the belly band outside the waistband, inside the waistband, appendix position, cross body, or behind the hip.

You’ll feel comfortable that your gun will not fall out because the holster is holding the gun’s weight correctly. Handgun Belly comes in just one size, but it’s adjustable.

  • UnderTech Undercover – Original Concealment Leggings

Excellent feelings of security also lie in this super attractive leggings that are 100% undercover. They look stylish, and women can wear any top on the leggings.

The full-length leggings are perfectly elastic, super comfortable, and can be washed alongside other clothes. Whether you’re a right or left-handed woman, the leggings will suit you irrespective of the season. And, good to know that it has sizes from XS to XXXL.

  • Concealment Shorts for Women by UnderTech Undercover

Do you like to carry your handgun in a belt? Women’s concealment shorts is the perfect handgun carrier for you. It’s a short that can be worn under any dress conveniently and comfortably. The shorts come in various designs to match a woman’s body, so, it’s an experience for a perfect match.

Upon purchase, the shorts come in two pairs with each pair of shorts featuring two identical holsters – one on each side. It’s super high for both left and right-handed women.

  • Hidden Heat 3 – Belly Band Gun Holster

Every woman will love this unique retention strap for being comfortable and secure. The belly band has two pockets conveniently positioned on both the right and left sides for different handed people.

The strap fits subcompact and smaller pistols and can as well hug your body comfortably. Also, it can securely hold small and medium-size handguns.

  • The Big SheBang – Holster for large firearm

Big SheBang is an excellent gun holster for females. It is a comfortable, non-slip holster made of hypoallergenic and elastic fabrics.

You can wear the holster around your waist, and it offers three positions which are: one appendix and two kidneys. Furthermore, the holster has additional pockets for a knife, Smartphone, and magazine.


Having done the research for you, the above holsters are the most popular used by women. You can trust the list for comfort and convenient body-match experience. Purchase one today for peace of mind in extreme situations.