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A gun holster performs 3′ main primary reasons. They include security, accessibility, and safety. This helps towards holding firmly your firearm to ensure its maintenance all the time. Similarly, it helps towards protecting the trigger against any accidental contact. Last but not the least; it helps to keep your gun more accessible in order to conveniently draw without much struggle especially when in dangerous situations. It should be understood that every holster is specially designed for any situation. There exist 5 different kinds of holsters. They include:

-Outside Waistband’ holsters like Pancake Holster

-The pocket holsters

-Ankle holsters

-Shoulder holsters

-Inside Waistband Holsters like Baby eagle holsters

The Concealed Carry’ Holsters

Concealed carry’ holster needs to be protected by all means. They must remain hidden in order to assure easier access to the firearm whenever you are confronted with an emergency. The holster’ shirt is the perfect solution since it enables you to easily access the gun swiftly and at the same time reducing the chances of printing. The perfect concealed’ Carry include:

-Ankle holsters

-Pocket holsters

-IWB’ holsters

-Shoulder’ holsters

Competition’ Holsters

Each and every competition’ you engage in have rules that govern them about holsters. They include IDPA and USPSA’ competitions. You must check on the comfort, draw, and flexibility, mostly when engaging in a competition where you are required to make vital moves in between the targets.

The perfect holster for shooting competition includes:

-OWB holsters

-Holster linked to the thigh rig

-The holster pouch is connected to the kit

Whenever one is shooting a 3’-gun competition, you could be required to get additional equipment, for example, the 2′ Point’ Padded Sling.


In order to efficiently carry it on a daily basis, it is recommendable to have the personal preferences put in place. You must be able to access’ the gun in any condition. Therefore, you need to think about where you can naturally reach it by securing a holster that will work well with your draw. The Holster’ for the EDC’: this is perfect muscle memory, although it must be put into sufficient practice in case you have EDC.

How to Identify the Right Holster’ For you

Identifying the right type of holster’ ensures that you will always be ready. Therefore, here are some of the tips which will enable you towards making a perfect choice.

-You should be able to determine the placement of the holster and whether it feels natural on the body. The options, especially on the size, can be tested by use of a local 5.11.

-Make a decision on whether you would prefer the molded’ plastic, nylon or leather holster. Note that every holster material’ comes with its cons and pros. Therefore, what you settle for is highly dependent on the mission.

-You need to understand whether you require level retention 1, 2, or 3. The higher the retention level, the harder it is to draw a gun out of the holster.

-Consider the reason for carrying the holster in your mind whenever you are choosing a holster. If it must be subjected to the competition rules, then it is your responsibility to check’ and double-check before you decide to purchase.


Where would you say that Jericho holsters fit in? Anyway provided that the type of holster chosen meets its primary’ purpose that is, safety, security, and accessibility, you will be good to go. This is, of course, dependent on the practice which is undertaken to ensure reflexes are sufficiently built up. This allows you to make drawing true and faster in any situation.