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You can only get the most out of your handgun, and use it whenever you need it if you find a way of keeping it accessible, protected, and secure. One way of achieving this is by owning a holster. Luckily, the market is not short of them. You will have access to a wide range of generic holsters and many others designed for specific handgun models.

It is some good news for the owners of the most popular recreational and survival pistols in the United States – the 1911- model. It means that you have the opportunity to choose from a wide array of holsters.

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Are you in the process of shopping for a holster?

This article introduces you to the pancake holster 1911. Keep reading to understand what it is, what it does, how it is worn, and most importantly, its advantages over other types of holsters.

What is a pancake holster?

Roy Baker invented a pancake holster more than 60 years ago. The desire to provide a solution that allows a handgun user to hold the gun closer to the body occasioned this invention. Besides increasing the comfort level, a pancake holster also enhances concealment ability.

You will encounter two main features of this unique holster.

i. The presence of two pieces of material results in a flat shape for holding the gun in place. The name “pancake” came from here.
ii. The presence of the belt slots where you attach the holster to the belt.

A classic outside-the-waistband design, pancake holsters are mostly used for both concealed and duty carry. They are a great option, especially for people who have a preference for leather over synthetic materials.

How does a pancake holster attach?

Your shopping experience for pancake holster 1911 will reveal two subcategories. Some have two belt slots, and others have three or more slots. Understand that belt slots are not the same as belt loops. The difference lies in the fact that belt slot permits less wiggle room and in turn, holding the holster tighter to the wearer’s body.

A holster with three or more belt slots provides different configurations for wearing it. It gives you the liberty to choose the type of angle that your gun rides based on your preference. Besides allowing you to wear your holster from different draw positions, many belt slots also create reliable and easy side-draws and cross-draws.

When trying out a pancake holster 1911, remember to try it out different positions. The process of drawing a gun should be so natural, that, you don’t find yourself fumbling for the gun during an emergency.

Will I find the right size?

Pancake holsters have been around for more than six decades. It is impossible for you not to find the right size. Don’t get tired. Keep looking for it.

The last thing you want is a too tight pancake holster, or too loose. It can be messy. A holster that is too tight will deny you access to your gun when you need it the most. This is dangerous. On the other hand, one that is loose may cause your gun to fall when you least expect it.

When shopping for a pancake holster for your 1911 machine, ask the vendor for specifications. Do not buy a holster unless you are 101% sure that it is the right fit for your handgun.

To this end, you know what to expect from a holster, how to wear one, and the importance of finding the right fit. This information will go a long way in helping you find a useful pancake holster 1911 — all the best in your search.