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Leather iwb holster date back to the days of the Old West and has a long history when it comes to firearm containment. It’s the most popular option for people who want to carry a concealed weapon. You will have to make sure there is plenty of room in your slacks to accommodate the holster. Before purchasing leather iwb holster, there are potential questions you should ask yourself. For instance, everyone has a different waistline, you will need to experiment to find the most comfortable. This also varies depending on the firearm you are carrying and its weight. For additional support, you may need to wear a belt.

Examples of leather iwb holster include:

  • Back Down: It’s a non-molded leather holster that has a combat grip for fast drawing. The tension screw which is built-in allows adjustment that suits your preference. The slide guard prevents direct contact.
  • Alter Ego: Designed to conceal a small firearm without wearing an outer garment. You will only need to pull up your shirt and access the gun. You can choose from horsehide or cowhide leather.
  • Mister Softy: Made from premium grade cowhide, this holster comes with heavy-duty J-hook steel that locks onto the belt. The clip which is black in color makes it invisible when used with a black belt.
  • Bare Asset: Another high-quality cowhide which provides an ideal balance between thickness and thinness of the padding. This model has an open muzzle design and a 15-degree cant.
  • Tail Gunner: The outstanding feature of this leather holster is its stabilizer wing and interior leather lining.

The leather iwb holster requires more care than the molded plastic ones. Another appealing feature is you can draw your weapon silently which can give you a life-saving advantage. On top of this, leather holster lasts longer than synthetic materials and seems to get better with age.