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Dela combat

Drop leg holsters are an ever-growing list of EDC items that are comfortable to carry for your self-defense. They are best for security professionals who like moving pistols from the belt to the thighs. They are bit niche products although not suitable for concealed carry. Manufacturers are putting out excellent products. If you are a fan of this hostler, count yourself lucky. There are hundreds of these products on the market and choosing one can be a bit difficult. You should be aware of the retention of your weapon to make it harder for someone to grab your gun. Flip off retention straps are more secure than modern friction fit hostlers. The hostler should be closer to where your hand naturally sits while walking. It’s annoying to carry a hostler that flops around and snags on everything. Look for the one that will cinch around your leg without being uncomfortable.

Some of the top picks for drop leg hostler include:

  • UTG Special Ops Universal Leg Hostler
    It’s all nylon drop leg hostler suitable for many styles of the pistol. It cannot be recommended since it is too slow to draw out. For the money, this would be a great option for someone looking to do Airsoft.
  • Blackhawk Serpa Level 2
    This is the most talked hostler designed with an active retention mechanism. You can safely and reliably disengage once you familiarize with it.
  • Safari land 6304 ALS Tactical Leg Hostler
    It’s the most popular and successful model that includes two active locking mechanisms. Safari land is known for its security and excellent customer support.
  • Blade Tech Thigh Rig
    They are known for their modularity and each of their holders can be mated to a number of mounts.
  • Condor Tornado Tactical Leg Hostler
    This is the best holster for carrying multiple firearms. It can be adjusted to accommodate accessories like mounted flashlights.

Drop leg holster is among the best duty holsters out there. Consider all avenues of how you will be carrying your gun. They are critical equipment that cannot be overlooked.