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When it comes to choosing appendix carry holster, there are two main things to consider, safety and comfort. It’s not the safest form of concealed carry as it put your gun in a position where it points your groin and thigh. The firearm position when holstered can press your belly and be quite uncomfortable especially when sitting down. Nevertheless, the many reasons why people choose this method is it allows easy access to the firearm. It’s said to be a fast way of drawing concealed firearm but not as quick as an open carry option. It can provide secure retention when carried inside the waistband. This enhances protection in case anyone attempt to snatch your gun.

When shopping for an appendix carry holster, search for a holster that is tried and true. You can consider the following tips:

  • The trigger guard should be fully covered. You won’t worry about negligent discharge when walking around.
  • The thickness of the material should be 0.6 to 0.8 inches.
  • Attachment method. High-quality holsters have snap closures.
  • The sleek comfortable design will ensure your holster does not cause a bulge out.
  • Look for open-ended appendix holster since it allows better ventilation. It also better if you plan to practice shooting regularly.

There are different brands you can choose when purchasing appendix carry holster.- Blackhawk ARC Holster. It’s made up of a molded polymer material. It comes with two cant and belt clips that are adjustable.

  • CYA Supply AIWB Holster. This is the best appendix holster with clip design that quickly attaches to your belt.
  • Tulster Holster. It has unique features that set it apart. The trigger guard is reduced to allow you to get a higher grip on your gun.
  • Concealment Express Kydex. The model has a minimalist design which allows adjustment of retention pressure.
  • Relentless Tactical Defender. It’s made of leather to allow the barrel to cool faster.

You can visit a local firearm dealer if you have never tried an appendix holster and check if it’s comfortable before spending a lot of money on one.