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Unless hiking or in a forested area, most people are carrying handguns for self defense. Hence they do not want to attract attention since it will be more difficult to defend themselves if attacked. If a person is carrying a knife, handgun or any other kind of weapon openly, others in the area are likely to notice it. People who spot the weapon will be alert, to avoid being attacked. Hence it is advisable for a person who wishes to carry a handgun for self defense to purchase a concealed carry belt, so that he can quickly access the gun when required, though it remains hidden otherwise.

While it is possible to carry a gun using a conventional belt, there are many disadvantages of doing so. Since the belt is not designed for carrying a gun, the position of the gun and its holster will move when the person is walking or running. This can be inconvenient, and the gun user will have to waste his time periodically to adjust the position of the gun, and put it back into place. The gun may also dig into the body and this can cause discomfort since the gun is made from metal. In some cases, the belt material may not be suitable for carrying the weight of the handgun.

Hence while purchasing a concealed belt, it is important to ensure that it is made from reinforced leather or similar material and some rigid material is used to ensure that it is stiff. This ensures that it can carry the weight of the handgun, even if it is a heavier model. The buckle used should be secure, so if anyone is trying to grab the gun from the gun user, it should not be possible for the attacker to do so. The belt should be wide enough, with a minimum width of 1.5 inches or 4 cm so that it offers proper support.